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#114 Hazel

I love this little witch.  These prims can really grow on you!  I enjoyed making Hazel and her pumpkin come to life.  Including her hat,she (self standing) stands 12" high.  She is weighted, enabeling her to stand alone.  Don't you love that pumpkin and broom I made for her.  I will definitely make this one for myself.  Hazel was stained, sanded, painted, sanded, and then stained again.  Her body and hat are muslin, which is painted black, sanded, and stained, then baked in the sun.  Her face has 1 blue eye, and 1 light brown eye.  I stitched a stick on her face for her nose.  Mouth is hand stitched.  I also fashioned a broom out of a stick and raffia.  Her dress was also stained.  A prim tag with Hazel printed on it hangs from a rusted safety pin on her dress.  This is a MUST HAVE for all who decorate their homes for Halloween.  Designed by Cats In The Barn.   Shipping Included.
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